Saturday, July 28, 2012

Southern Food

I was intrigued by the Creole sausage recipe on Chubby Vegetarian recently. I added it to my pinterest board and tried to figure out when would be a good time to make them. They require a 45 minute steaming step, so I actually made them the day before I planned to eat them. I made them after eating my other leftovers for dinner. Smart plan, right? Anyways, I wasn't sure what to serve with these until I saw fresh okra in the grocery store. I followed this recipe for the okra using Tony's seasoning. Overall, this was a fun meal, but I think the sausage recipe could be improved. I used oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, so I let them drain for a bit before making the recipe. I also added a teaspoon of liquid smoke to the mix. I think the rice should go through the food processor too. Maybe a touch more water to get the gluten to hold everything together a little better.


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