Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reunited with the Internet

I've posted the last couple posts from my iPhone. Now, I love my iPhone, but I don't consider it a suitable blogging tool. I prefer my Macbook with its full keyboard. I was able to get internet at my new place today after my landlord dealt with some run-around from the company. He left his cable box here, so there was an account here in his name, preventing me from getting any service set up. Anyways, I was able to read the last week's worth of posts from the blogs I follow FINALLY.

I noticed that my pen pal included me in her post about the Liebster blog award. It's a way for small blogs to share some info about themselves and link to other blogs. Here is my reply.

11 Random Facts
* I was high school valedictorian.
* I never wear make-up.
* I have an undiagnosed case of OCD.
* I love my friends' unusual sense of humor - wearing ugly/mismatched/inappropriately small clothes for humor. :)
* I don't bicycle as much I would like.
* I don't want kids, but I take care of my future children as well as I take care of my cats, they'll be just fine.
* I am trying to change a bunch of my bad habits right now - stop biting my nails, floss more, and eat less sweets.
* Growing up, my favorite TV show was The Simpsons. Too bad it's been on so long that it's not that funny anymore.
* I thought about pursuing history in college, but there aren't any jobs in history.
* I always liked sewing class the best in summer camp.
* My favorite coconut ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.

Questions posed:
1. Favorite season? I live in the south. The seasons are hot and less hot. I enjoy the winter, but I love sunshine.
2. Homemade dip or store bought? Layered dip for tortilla chips made vegan.
3. Favorite book? My favorite genres are historical thrillers and true crime books, but I can't pick a favorite.
4. Last place you went on vacation? I went to Whistler for a conference earlier this year. It's almost like a vacation.
5. Cats, dogs, or both? Cats! I wouldn't mind owning a dog, but I do love my cats.
6. Are you afraid to fly? A little. I usually take anxiety meds on flights and sleep. :)
7. Do you have a big family? Not really. My mom's family is normal sized, but my dad's sisters never had kids.
8. What did you want to be when you grew up? A veterinarian, astronaut, or teacher. Now I'm a scientist.
9. Do you have a nickname? My favorite nickname is from my best friend. She calls me Chip, Chip-chip, and Chippy, based on the sound that a squirrel makes when it eats an acorn and the fact that Bubbles (my favorite Powerpuff Girl) likes squirrels. She's recently changed my nickname to Dr. Chip though.
10. Why did you start blogging? To just have a new hobby and find vegan recipes to learn how to cook.
11. Do you take pictures of your food even if you don't share it on your blog? No, they all go on the blog.

I don't really know who to tag in something like this, because I follow most blogs anonymously and rarely comment. Anyways, I'll finally be able to post some photos of my new place in Houston and the food I've been enjoying lately.

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