Monday, July 23, 2012

A Personal Moment

I don't really post personal things here, because I don't like to consider this blog as an emotional outlet. I came across some quotes that I've been thinking over for a couple months now. I thought 2010 was a really bad year and I consider 2011 the absolute worst year of my life. I was struggling with a set of personal issues and then a series of really bad things happened in my family. It was just like being punched in the gut repeatedly, but spaced apart just enough that you feel like you can stand up straight again before the next hit. 2011 had some of the darkest moments of my life, and the sad part was that most of the people I would have reached out to weren't there anymore. Some of these friendships fell apart for reasons beyond my control (betrayal of my trust), whereas others kinda fizzled out for things that I am responsible for (too much whining about the other failing friendships, moodiness, comments that came out harsher than I meant to, etc). The failed friendships were just the tip of the iceberg, my entire life felt like it was crumbling around me shortly after those things passed. Just one hit after another with family issues. These quotes were really helpful over the last few months as I decided to pursue a fresh start in a new city. I can't fix those friendships or change the past, but I can take the lessons I learned with me as I start over in a new city.


OK, enough with the feelings! Just wanted to share those quotes that were really helpful to me recently. Maybe someone will stumble upon this blog and realize that there is SO MUCH good ahead. :)

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