Saturday, February 25, 2012

What a week...

I had a slightly chaotic week. My boss is reviewing my thesis right now, so I'll have feedback next week. I've had several faculty members reply to my emails about postdoc positions, but only a few offered an interview trip quickly. I recently switched to lifting first then doing cardio and I'm loving it. I don't know why I didn't switch sooner, but I really hated cardio for a long time. I've been running outdoors - 6 miles in 65 minutes yesterday morning and 3.75 miles in 34 minutes this morning. I really enjoy running with my running partner, because he pushes me. We met up this morning after I rocked my solo run yesterday. He runs a 7 minute mile, so he slows down a little for me. It's a nice change, we talk and then get a meal afterwards. We had Mexican recently and this morning we grabbed brunch. I haven't done a ton of interesting cooking this week, but I did bake some awesome oatmeal-cranberries bars (veganized using Earth Balance for butter, Tofutti sour cream for dairy sour cream, and flax seed for egg). I really enjoyed these, but I didn't reserve quite enough of the oatmeal mix to fully cover the top. I made a pizza tonight. I was hanging out with another friend this afternoon when someone else ordered pizza. It smelled so, so good. I went to Whole Foods to buy some Daiya, pizza dough from the deli counter, and some vegetables... And a jelly-filled donut. Yum!



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