Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outdoor Running

I told a friend a few months ago that I wanted to start running outdoors more. He runs a 7 minute mile. Because he's faster than me, it's a nice challenge for me. I normally do elliptical in the mornings, but running outdoors might become part of my weekly routine. I cut my cardio back from the hour/day I was doing in 2010 to just 30 minutes/day in 2011 (well, I'd spend ~40 mins/day riding my bike to/from work in 2011, so that's still close to an hour but it's not the same intensity). I'd like to do more cardio, since I haven't been riding my bike to work lately *sigh*. Anyways, we ran a 9:30 average pace for 3 miles on Friday and a 9:27 pace for 2.75 miles today. Jess would be proud that I'm starting to run outdoors. :)

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