Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo-less SF

I went out to eat with potential advisors or their group members in San Francisco, so I didn't take photos of some of my meals. I figured it was easier to not explain what I was doing. However, I wanted to make a note of these other restaurants.

- Udupi Palace: I went to the Berkeley location with some postdocs. I ordered the potato and onion dosa. There are a lot of dosa places in San Francisco, but this chain is vegetarian and is apparently fairly authentic. The dosa portion was huge! I was hoping it would have been smaller, so I could also order the chana masala.

- Loving Hut: I went to the location near the UCSF Parnassus campus. We decided to order different things and share. I picked out the sweet and sour chick'n, which was quite good. The research associates ordered the lemongrass "beef" (a little dry), the eggplant and tofu dish (good, but I don't really like eggplant), and pho (which I didn't get to try). We skipped desserts, but they had a few that sounded good on the menu.

- Golden Era: There is only one location of this restaurant. I went to this restaurant with a potential advisor and we agreed to share the dishes. We split the spicy tofu (amazing!), the eggplant and mushroom dish, and pho (we didn't eat most of the noodles, but the soup was great).

- Cafe at Genetech Building at UCSF Mission Bay: I went here with two research associates. They assured me that I'd find something vegan here. I immediately selected the spicy Thai noodles and added tofu for an extra cost. This dish was actually spicy and hot! It was quite good and convenient for us coming from the Gladstone Institute.

- Thai place near UC Berkeley: I'm kicking myself for not remembering the name of this place. The food was just average. I had a red curry with tofu and vegetables. Not the best ever, but it was enjoyable after such a long day of interviews.

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