Monday, November 10, 2014

Yoyogi Park

After walking through the courtyard, we exited the shrine area. Right outside the courtyard was a strip of food vendors. We giggled when we saw french fries for sale. We get a kick out of seeing American things around town. As we continued to walk around the park, we saw a skyscraper poking above the tree line. Yoyogi Park is a dense forest with a walking path, only a small area is an open field. I thought the juxtaposition of the skyscraper and the trees was a great metaphor for modern Japan. We see women in traditional clothing on the train regularly, but Culture Day was the first time we saw men and children in such clothing. We also visited the Treasure Museum, a small museum that contains artifacts from Emperor Meiji. It's only $5 for admission, but photographs are not allowed inside the building.
Yoyogi Park -- food vendors outside the shrine.Yoyogi Park -- contrast of modern skyscrapers and the lush forest of the park.Yoyogi Park -- museum of enshrined emperor's artifacts.Yoyogi Park -- artifact museumYoyogi Park -- artifact museum

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