Friday, November 14, 2014

VEGAN PANCAKES at Ain Soph - Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

A friend recently tagged me on a blogger's post on facebook. The blogger is on vacation in Asia. When she was in Japan, she posted a photo of vegan pancakes. Based on her other photos, she was in the Roppongi and Shinjuku areas. We're in Shibuya, which is fairly close to those areas. With some internet sleuthing, we discovered the vegan pancakes are at a restaurant called Ain Soph in Shinjuku. We went there for dinner one night. The pancakes are on the dessert menu, rightly so because they are very rich. We took a little bag of donuts to go.
The pancakes at Ain Soph are on the dessert menu. Nom. Ain Soph makes vegan donuts too! We need to try the vegan cheesecakes at Ain Soph next time.

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  1. Nice! If you are looking for recommendations, I went here in 2009. Not sure if they are still around, though