Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yoyogi Park

In the grassy field area of Yoyogi Park, many vendors were selling flowers. There was a line where people could get a free pot of flowers, but we were too late to get free flowers after touring the museum. We did not buy any decorative flowers, but the dude bought some parsley. The cilantro that he bought recently is dying and he wanted a replacement plant. While we were browsing the flowers, we heard drumming. We turned around to see a procession marching down the pathway. The marchers and people on horseback were in a procession headed to the Treasure Museum.
Yoyogi Park -- lots of booths selling flowers on Culture DayYoyogi Park -- we heard drumming while checking out the flowers for sale. There was a procession taking place.Yoyogi Park -- procession headed to the artifact museumYoyogi Park -- procession ended at the artifact museum

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