Sunday, November 16, 2014

Veggie Burgers in Tokyo

We are veggie burger addicts. The dude loves to make a bean and sweet potato recipe at home. We've been sampling some veggie burgers around town. We tried the burger at Hannada Rosso. The texture was great, but we wanted more fries. They also serve vegan desserts, so we got the daily special of peach sorbet. The sorbet was very icy. The Cori truck had a veggie burger as its special last week too. The soy nuggets kept slipping out of the bun, but the fries were well salted with big crystals of salt. I'm a sucker for salt crystals, so that made up for the super messy burger.
Walked to Hannada Rosso for lunch. We wanted twice as many fries, but the vegan burger was good. Peach sorbet at Hannada Rosso. Veggie burger at the Cori vegan food truck. The fries had giant salt crystals. Nom.

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