Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tsukiji Market - Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

We recently had dinner with an acquaintance from Houston. Her friends told us that we could find dried beans at the Tsukiji Market in Ginza. That was why we went to Ginza. There were a couple booths marked on the market map as selling dried beans, grains, etc. We found one of those booths was open for business. We bought white beans, red kidney beans, and chickpeas. A can of beans is almost $3 here, so buying these dried beans should save us half. I tried to cook the white beans in my Crockpot, but it doesn't heat up here. The electrical currents are different here, but I will use the stovetop method to cook the beans. The market mostly sells fish, but there is a wholesale fruit/veg area during the week. The wholesale areas are closed on Sundays, so we missed out on the wholesale fruit/veg area.
After detouring to see the Buddhist temple, we went to the Tsujiki market. We went to the Tsukiji market for dried beans. ~10 cups of dried beans for $25. Fingers crossed that my Crockpot works in Japan! This spice booth was across from the dried bean booth. It smelled incredible standing in front of all the spices.

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  1. Love it! I must admit I did not notice the beans when I went.. although the fish auctions were perplexing and fun to watch