Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yoyogi Park - Last Post!

Yay! Just a few more photos from the park. There are many buildings tucked inside the forest. We saw a sign for a worship hall and we stumbled upon a random building while looking for the Treasure Museum Annex. The Annex has a small hall with more artifacts, a souvenir shop, and some restaurants. There was a candy booth with a candy necklace. I thought it was cute that each candy was individually wrapped. Then I saw the cutest cat print, but I didn't buy it because we were going to ride the train home and maybe walk to dinner from the station.
Yoyogi Park -- a building we couldn't identify when looking for the museum annex.Yoyogi Park -- artifact museum annex had food vendors near the restaurantsYoyogi Park -- souvenir shop had this adorable cat print. I should've bought it!

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