Friday, March 9, 2012

Thesis Done

I completed my thesis today. After having two days' worth of work lost because Endnote crashed, I finally managed to get the references done yesterday. I put together all of my figures today, but most were pre-made from when I was working on my manuscripts for publication. I only had to make a few figures from scratch. I converted my text document and my powerpoint into PDF files, then combined them and reordered the pages in Acrobat X. The page numbers are off now, but I can fix that on Monday. I need to write my table of contents, abstract, and figure out the correct page numbers for my figures list. I am so happy that I managed to get it sent out to my group and my advisor today. It's due to my committee next Thursday, so this gives them time to offer feedback. My boss read the chapters separately a few weeks ago, so he said he didn't want to read it again until it was all together in one document.

I have 3 interviews scheduled for April, 2 phone interviews this month, and a few invitations for interviews lurking in my inbox. I am also meeting with a faculty member next week to learn more about his work. There's some temptation to join his group, but we'll see if it's a wise choice to ask him for a job after we meet and go into the nitty gritty details of his research.

I've been stress-eating like a mofo the last two days - 88% cocoa squares, Clif Z bars for kids, Mambas (a knockoff of Starbursts), and Coke Zero. It'll be great to get back in the gym tomorrow after taking the last two days off. I plan to do some outdoor running, shopping, and cooking this weekend. I defrosted the black bean burgers that I made and froze recently so I would have an easy dinner yesterday and today. I was at work on Wednesday until 1 AM the next day, so I wasn't sure how late I'd be at work the last two days.

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