Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mexican Stuffed Shells

This recipe has been very popular on Pinterest, so I knew I had to veganize it. (Apparently, I wasn't the only vegan who wanted vegan Mexican stuffed shells.) It looked good, but I knew I could make it without all the animal products. I used TVP for the ground beef - 1.5 cups dry TVP + 1.25 cups vegetable broth makes the equivalent of 1 lb of beef, according to this forum. I used the link to homemade taco seasoning, scaling everything down to just 25% of the amount listed. I used Galaxy brand soy cream cheese, since it had $1 off coupon on the tub. I'm sure Tofutti brand would have worked fine too. I used Daiya mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, but I was hoping to find Daiya pepperjack. NutritionSmart was out of the Daiya pepperjack, but I didn't want to drive over to Whole Foods. I didn't top the shells with soy sour cream after they were done, because I forgot to dig it out of the fridge. The shells smelled so good that I couldn't wait to eat them! They're definitely not health food with all the cream cheese, cheese, and salt in the salsa and taco sauce. Nice splurge though!


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