Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sampling New Vegan Goodies

Over the last week, I've tried a few new vegan products. So Delicious started making a Greek-style yogurt made from coconut milk. I tried the strawberry and blueberry flavors, which were quite good. The yogurt was very thick, just like Greek yogurt is supposed to be. There are other flavors, including chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, and plain. It was a nice change from my usual Wildwood soy yogurt, which I can't find online right now (hope it's not being discontinued!).


I had to watch my boss's house and dogs the last couple days. He has a toddler, so the pantry had lots of little packets of snack items. I found a Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dream packet, which I tried on apple slices and toast. It was so good. It has added palm oil, so it's not as healthy as plain ol' natural peanut butter (the ones containing just peanuts and salt that need to be stirred; the "natural" no-stir varieties have palm oil). It was awesome though! I would definitely consider buying a jar (or more single-serve packets) for snacking.


Today, I bought the new Almond Plus vanilla almond milk and Fig Newmans (the purple dairy-free wheat-free version is the vegan variety). The Almond Plus comes in plain and unsweetened varieties too. The vanilla almond milk wasn't as sweet as most vanilla soymilks I've tried, but it was fine to drink. I'll use the rest in smoothies this week. The Fig Newmans definitely hit the spot for the Fig Newton cravings. Thanks, Publix, for putting Fig Newtons on the end cap where I would see them and then be sad since Fig Newtons aren't vegan.


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