Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whomp whomp whompppppp

My roommate has decided to not take on another roommate and instead signed forms to vacate today. The forms to vacate must provide 60 days notice to the complex that we want to move out. We have to cover rent until someone else moves in. There are no other 2/2 units available, so there should be no problem in finding tenants for this unit. Since we will be paying for the 60 days, I can't move until mid-June (unless I want to pay two rents!). Whomp whomp whompppppppppp. I was excited to live alone and now it's postponed. I won't be able to get the 1/1 that I wanted, but there are plenty of other available properties in this area. Now it's a countdown of 61 days! I'll sign my forms in the morning.

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