Saturday, April 9, 2011

Are sweet potatoes and black beans the new pb&j?

Apparently! This flavor combo appears in a lot of cookbooks, but I had never tried it. On Thursday, I got out my copy of Yellow Rose Recipes and made the sweet potato and black bean flautas. It took me forever to track this book down. When trying to do a Google search, the author's blog said there would be no reprints. On Amazon, there was only used copy available for $75 (now marked down to $50). I tried to order it from MooShoes, but they were out of stock. I finally found a copy at Herbivore, who were very helpful over the phone. The only changes I made were to use whole wheat flour tortillas instead of 6" corn tortillas (thought they'd be too small) and to add a little diced red onion once I filled the tortillas. I served my makeshift flautas with pre-made spicy guacamole that I could dollop onto the next bite. I'm happy that I made this on Thursday, because I would have not had the energy today after typing part of a review for publication.


Happy weekend, everyone! I'm off to see a movie and grab sorbet at a frozen yogurt place with a friend tonight - very low key but fun! :)

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