Monday, April 11, 2011

Comfort Food Enchiladas

So I've never really had enchiladas before. I'm a burrito, quesadilla, and fajita fan. Somehow I've never had enchiladas (that I can recall, at least). When I was flipping through Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food, I saw a recipe for cheesy enchiladas with variations for one with black beans, one with veggies, and one with faux chicken. I decided to cut back the cheese amount and add lots of veggies and Butler soy curls.

For veggies, I used half a red onion, a jalapeno pepper, a cup of corn, red and orange bell peppers, and a zucchini. I should have sauteed the onion first to soften it up a little. I rehydrated the soy curls in warm water, then tossed them in some enchilada sauce for flavor. I used whole wheat tortillas, because the corn tortillas called for were too small in my opinion. I put a layer of veggies, a few soy curls, and a sprinkle of Daiya cheddar cheese in each tortilla. I wish I had found the new Daiya pepperjack cheese for this recipe! Overall, these were very tasty and the Daiya cheese made it feel even more calorie-rich. The author of the cookbook also runs a blog called Vegan Guinea Pig.


For a little dessert, I had some Manischewitz dark chocolate mint patties. These are by no means healthy, but they taste just like York peppermint patties (which are not vegan)! I found these at Publix with all the Kosher stuff out for Passover.


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