Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Moving!!!!!!

Instead of waiting 269 days to move out, I have decided to move out as soon as possible. Although my roomie is generally a nice girl, I'm just tired of the mess. I've asked repeatedly for her to clean up after herself, but she acts like I'm twisting her arm. At 25 years old, keeping a room clean so it doesn't stink up other parts of the house, throwing food into the garbage bag (and not into the can itself), washing dishes in a timely manner, and not hoarding expired or molding food in the fridge should be basic life skills. I reached my limit this past weekend when she said holding the trash bag flaps to ensure food lands in the trash bag was a "waste of time." It's a waste of my time to clean up after another adult, so I'm moving so I no longer have to do that. I lined up another roommate for her, a new male chemistry student who should arrive in a couple weeks. Well, it was a little selfish to do that - lining up another roommate prevented me from paying $1000 to break the lease.

On May 7th, I will be opening the door to this:


What am I going to do with all that space (~1000 sq ft) to myself?! The den will serve as an office with my computer desk and bookshelf, as well as possibly a fitness room. My parents are bringing my armoire, so I'm super excited to have a closet that isn't about to explode with clothes. They're also bringing some basic items for the kitchen, my treadmill, and some random pieces of furniture to get the place set up. If all goes according to plan, I'll be graduating in May 2012, so I don't need really fancy stuff right now.

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