Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Asian Food & Dark Chocolate - Winning Combo?

It seems to be the birthday season! My coworker celebrated his birthday yesterday, so several people from my department went out for dinner at Sushi Jo and for dessert at Kilwin's. Like a dummy, I forgot my camera! At Sushi Jo, I ordered the steamed vegetable dumplings as an appetizer. There were 5 dumplings in the order and they were so light. The lighting was dim, so I was unable to take a photo with my iPhone (it's the outdated 3G). For my main course, I ordered an Ibiza vegetable roll and a cucumber roll. The rolls were tasty, but I should have ordered more. That's the problem with veggie sushi - it never makes me feel full. Everyone else ate family style and shared the Triple Crown roll, the Mexican roll, the Spider roll, Tuna Tataki, and the Red Curry with chicken (ordered a level 1 spice, not spicy at all!). All positive reviews, except for the Lychee martini. At Kilwin's, I ordered a cup of raspberry sorbetto and several pieces of dark chocolate candy. The dessert case was calling my name! The pieces are small, so I ordered a dark chocolate coconut cluster, a dark chocolate filled with raspberry jam, a dark chocolate peanut butter bite, and a dark chocolate raisin cluster. Because the lighting was better in Kilwin's, I was able to get a photo of the dessert case with my phone. (Well, 2/3 of the case. You can't see the chocolate dipped pretzels and Oreos or caramel apples.) Hopefully, you'll understand why I was so drawn to this. I will definitely keep Kilwin's in mind for future dark chocolate "needs." The little raisin cluster was perfect, because I had been eyeing Raisinets a few weeks ago and contemplating making a dark chocolate version at home.


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