Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Update

This weekend, my friend's mom hosted a housewarming party combined with a party for her daughter returning from Afghanistan. It was a mix of Marines, scientists, engineers, and friends of the host. Good times. I brought veggie lasagna for myself, since lasagna was the main dish. I also brought rice crispies treats made using Ricemellow. I received the Ricemellow for Christmas, so I finally got a chance to use it to make this recipe. I mixed in a quarter cup of Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips.


Yesterday, Cristin and Jess hosted a taco dinner. I brought sauteed soy curls with taco seasoning, Nacho Mom's vegan fire roasted queso (for the tortilla chips served as an appetizer), and Daiya. From all of the topping options provided, I grabbed lettuce, sauteed onions and peppers, and black bean and corn salsa.


Tonight, I decided to make brinner. Love a good brinner meal! I decided to make banana flapjacks and a tofu omelette from Vegan Brunch. Whenever I use banana-based batters, they always seem take longer to cook than the recipes call for. I tend to overcook the first one, then almost undercook the next one. I always get them to turn out okay after the first two. For the tofu omelette, I broke it as I tried to flip it. I ended up making it into a scramble, which I served with sauteed spinach (not pictured) and a mix of sauteed onions, peppers, and Frieda's soy chorizo (squeezed it out of the casing and broke it into chunks). I really liked this brand of soy chorizo, unlike the Lightlife version that I tried in 2009.


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