Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gratify - West Palm Beach, FL

Last night, I went to happy hour at the new World of Beer on Clematis Street. Our group arrived before 6, so most people had not yet had dinner. After a couple rounds at World of Beer, we walked over to Gratify. The ambiance was nice, they provide fresh cut potato chips, and the server was really helpful. I wanted the mushrooms and polenta dish, but sadly, there is butter in the polenta. The server spoke with the chef and they said they would make a flatbread with sweet potatoes and roasted veggies just for me! I was surprised that the restaurant was so willing to go out of its way to accommodate me, instead of just recommending a salad.


Jess ordered the arugula flatbread, which had arugula (obviously), gorgonzola cheese, and caramelized onions. Jeff ordered a burger and a side of fries. The fries had truffle oil on them! I've never had truffle oil before, so I made sure to grab a few fries to try. It was insanely good. No wonder chefs rave about truffle oil on Food Network. I can't remember the dishes everyone else ordered, but overall, everyone was very satisfied with their meal. After WoB and Gratify, we headed to Paddy Mac's to meet up with Jeff's sister, who recently returned from Afghanistan. It was an interesting night to say the least, as one very persistent guy kept trying to win Cristin's affections. Haha, good times, good times.

Highlight of the night: A text from Scott saying that a lot of our friends commented on how good I looked when I recently visited Baton Rouge. Gee, thanks, everyone! I've lost the ~20 lbs of booze/late night french fry gut that I gained while living there! Scott has lost ~55 lbs and is thinner than when we met! Crazy!

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