Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wheatsville Co-op - Austin, TX

We stopped at Wheatsville Co-op solely for Treeline nut cheese. I got the garlic-herb variety. It's very garlicky, but I love it! The consistency is great to spread. Yum! I'd highly recommend this nut cheese. I also bought some Mahalo bars, since they're not on the shelves in Houston right now. The company, Go Max Go, is redesigning the packaging because it says dairy-free but they're made in a shared facility. There were some issues about that dairy-free claim, so I grabbed a couple bars when I saw them. I wanted to get the Thumbs Up, but that wasn't on the shelf. One of the guys on the trip loves Almond Joy bars, so he was elated to find these vegan alternatives. I also grabbed some Nacho Mom's queso, even though I've had it before, and a box of buffalo tofu. The tofu was great on sandwiches. They serve it on a po'boy, but we figured a sandwich would get soggy on the ride home. The Teese is actually from the online grocer that I'll mention in my next post, but I accidentally photographed it with this shot. I'm unsure if Wheatsville sells Teese...
 photo c995fb7a-54de-4837-b86f-88071222ca3c_zps76e490e7.jpg

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