Monday, August 5, 2013

Red Rabbit Bakery Co-op - Austin, TX

Austin is the most vegan-friendly city in Texas and one of the top vegan-friendly cities in the country. It's about 2.5 hours away from Houston. I've only been once for Austin Veg Fest, but one of my friends recently organized a day trip. We had 7 people, mostly vegans, in 2 cars making the trek. We stopped at 6 restaurants, 2 grocery stores, picked up an internet order, and stopped by a tattoo parlor with vegan inks. This was 2 weeks ago, but I'm finally getting the chance to post the pictures. Life has been crazy lately - work, socializing, dating, playing sports, and dealing with the kitties. (Adie's special food gave Mischa bladder crystals!) I'm going to share the pictures of the best thing I ate on the entire trip - vegan donuts! When I lived in Florida, I could get vegan donuts at Whole Foods. I haven't found a single vegan donut in the entire city of Houston, so I made sure to request that the group stop at the Mueller Farmers' Market to get donuts from Red Rabbit Bakery Co-op. I bought the s'mores and raspberry filled donuts, but the guy I'm seeing bought a peach filled donut after having a few bites of my donuts. He went vegan for the month of July and saw his blood pressure drop 20 points! He's sticking with vegetarian for now, since he missed dairy. He eats vegan when we're together, so I think that's a positive sign!
 photo 7ecb95a1-1103-4ea6-904f-9e09ffe5c626_zps48d49d80.jpg  photo 2f5d3755-2f33-4bb6-851b-3078344d6d38_zps7fb96a0c.jpg

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