Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flagship Whole Foods - Austin, TX

While two of the guys on the road trip stopped for tattoos, the rest of us headed over to the flagship Whole Foods store. We browsed the store, snagging samples of Love Bean spread and picking up items that are hard to find in Houston. One girl bought kale chips because she is obsessed with a certain brand and couldn't walk past them without buying a bag. It set of a frenzy of kale chip chatter. I personally don't really care for kale chips, but several people were curious about the brand she was discussing. I bought some Earth Balance white cheddar crack puffs!, Ricemellow creme (for making rice crispy treats), Sprinkelz (sprinkles), Wizard Worcestershire sauce, and the Love Bean spread we sampled. I bought the Love Bean for the guy I'm seeing. It was the only item he picked out, so I just snuck it onto the conveyer belt with my items.
 photo d1337201-f327-4311-a2b1-9c47dfac40f6_zps8ceb10fd.jpg

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