Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bouldin Creek Cafe - Austin, TX

After arriving in Austin, we stopped for brunch at Bouldin Creek Cafe. It's not an exclusively vegan establishment, but the menu is very vegan-friendly. My friend always orders the Tofu Renedict and she said we should all try it. Since several people ordered that, I ordered the tamales. Yum! Both dishes were great. The tofu scramble has sooo much nutritional yeast and little crunchy bits of tofu. Nom nom nom. Now I know why my friend practically demanded that we eat brunch here. Several people ordered coffee and tea, which they seemed to enjoy.
 photo 10a3c5b4-83af-496c-a2c9-dbbb0ea34f94_zps8f25d66e.jpg  photo 9dd93707-c303-4bc9-b07c-29e437c30e8e_zps285bf429.jpg

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