Thursday, August 8, 2013

Casa de Luz - Austin, TX

Casa de Luz is a macrobiotic restaurant and health-focused community center. We went for lunch. There is no menu where you select what you want. They make one meal, so you just get whatever is being served that day. There was a serve yourself salad and soup station, but they brought the entrees to the table. We got a black bean enchilada thing with sun cheese, rice, steamed veggies, blanched greens with almond sauce, and pickled radish. This was a really mellow place and they had some great looking desserts in the case. They had a flan, but I didn't get to try it! This meal was well received. Everyone seemed to love it. Interestingly, at the bottom of the daily menu posting, it lists the workers preparing the food. Very cool.
 photo 9920b9c4-9414-4c42-8999-0d15b877c2d7_zps3f97d914.jpg

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