Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quan Yin - Houston, TX

My friend Beverly loves Quan Yin. She requested that we go there for our last meal together. She accepted another postdoc position in Stonybrook. We went to Quan Yin with another one of our vegan friends and we split the dishes between us. We had a sweet and sour soup as a starter, then split the salted tofu, orange peel chick'n, and some grain-based fish dish. I'm really going to miss her. It's not everyday I meet another vegan scientist. I saw her one more time after this meal when we made s'mores in her oven using the giant Dandies that I bought in Austin.
 photo 37adc209-cd12-43e1-a8d4-b7d1c8903519_zpsbcd72461.jpg

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