Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kitty Surgery

After taking one of my cats in for an aural hematoma a couple weeks ago, the other cat vomited a couple times during the week. I thought they were developing allergies, but the vomiting cat's were more severe. After taking her in for another exam and a X-ray, the vet determined that she had something foreign in her tummy. She was rushed into surgery and 1/4 lb of hair bands were removed from her belly. They were VERY nasty!! Several were stuck together with hair and food. Based on their appearance, the vet said they've been in there a looong time. Based on the time frame she would have access to the cabinets where these were stored in my previous apartments, she likely ingested them in 2011. Yikes! I think a stomach X-ray will become standard at their yearly exams after this whole ordeal. I've spent $1300 at the vet in the last 3 weeks! I also put all small hair accessories into a mason jar, even though she has yet to try to open the drawer they were stored in. I'm just waiting on her to have a bowel movement, but she'll have to go to vet again if she doesn't poop by Monday. I've been keeping the cats separated by placing a baby gate in the stairwell. They're in the same room right now for the first time since Tuesday morning, but I'm supervising so that she doesn't mess up her sutures. Anyway, I just wanted to give an update. I'll be back to blogging about food this weekend or early next week, I've got a couple photos waiting to be turned into posts. :)

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