Thursday, April 4, 2013

Failed Artisan Cheese Becomes Lasagna

Since I'm still a new Vitamix owner, I get nervous when I use it on the high setting. I didn't let my cheese (Brie or Gruyere from Artisan Vegan Cheese) blend long enough, so I thought it needed more liquid. It didn't, I just need to follow the instructions. I decided to use the cheese as a spread, since it was never going to solidify. I cooked some lasagna noodles and sauteed some portabella mushroom slices while the noodles cooled. Since zucchini and squash take very little time to cook, I just left them raw in the lasagna. I made the homemade marinara that I posted recently, since I had leftover crushed tomatoes, pine nuts, and basil. After assembling the layers, I placed this in the fridge overnight since I knew the next day at work would be very busy. When I came home, I popped the lasagna into the oven and went about my regular routine of washing my face, changing clothes, and taking care of the cats. Perfect!
 photo 030f115c-0a1b-4815-8a58-af68fef8e935_zps0129c3cb.jpg

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