Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quan Yin Vegetarian - Chinatown, Houston, TX

Last Friday night, my friend finally moved into her new place. She started her postdoc at another university in the fall, but her landlady turned into a total nut. She had to move! Thankfully, she had a month-to-month lease so it was easy to leave. A bunch of us got together to move her stuff. We were a modern caravan - 5 cars full of boxes. She moved into a furnished room, so she sold all her other furniture over the weekend. To repay us for helping her move, she took us out to Quan Yin, a vegan pan-Asian place in Chinatown. I think the owners are Vietnamese. We picked out a few appetizers and several entrees. We had the big table with the lazy susan so we could share family-style. It was a fun time.
Spicy Eggplant


"Egg" Rolls




Salted Tofu


Curry Chick'n


Buffalo Iron Plate - there were steak-like strips in this!


Lo Mein entree - can't remember the exact name


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