Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Twist on Mac & Cheese

I made this mac & cheese recipe in early December, but couldn't find the right sausages and used too much margarine but not enough hot sauce. This time, I was able to use the Field Roast Chipotle sausages, because I found them in the Tampa Whole Foods. I also didn't use margarine at all this time, since the white beans will make that relatively creamy texture (which I remembered based on this fatfreevegan recipe). I did use salsa this time instead of hot sauce. Most importantly, I used very little apple cider vinegar!! The 3 Tbsp called for is WAY TOO MUCH, it overpowered every other flavor on the first day. I actually liked the recipe this time with the reduced vinegar and no margarine. I added baby bella mushrooms and peas to make this a full meal. Yum. It made a lot, so I'll be eating this for two more nights. :)


Of course, as I'm typing this, Miss Adie Mae is right next to me, as always. Love this Ocicat. I will forever be thankful for the old owner dropping her off at my house in Baton Rouge.


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