Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quarter Century Crisis

My mom came to visit me this weekend, like I mentioned in the last post. She arrived on Saturday and we enjoyed a very tasty dinner at La Bamba, my favorite Mexican place in the area. On Sunday, we went shopping and she bought me a few new clothing items (a gorgeous dress, a purple tunic, a houndstooth skirt, and a bright houndstooth hoodie). I also got some cooling racks for when I bake and some things to hang up in my room. We had brunch at Christopher's Kitchen with Jess, as described in the last post. I was hoping that Cristin would be able to go as well, but our friend GG needed a ride to the ER to get his knee stitched up.

On Monday, I had a small party at Rum Bar. Cristin designed the invitation for me and it is priceless!


I got to wear my new dress, but unfortunately this was the only photo taken!


For gifts from friends, I received a bottle of SoCo and a bottle of Cream (alcohol-infused whipped cream), an icing spatula, some crazy shorts and a water bottle for kickball season, and several free drinks. I actually wasn't expecting anyone to offer to buy my drinks, so I brought my wallet with me to the bar. I would say my most unexpected gift was the flower bouquet delivered to my desk at work from Cristin.


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