Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curry & Naan!

I know my last post might have seemed harsh, but I'm tired of looking at that eyesore. I can give my roomie credit for doing a better job at picking up and cleaning her dishes. Now if only she'd wipe down counters, empty the food catchers in the sink drains, and make sure garbage lands in the trash bag and not in the trash can... Baby steps, baby steps. Although, thankfully, the last couple days, she has shut the door to her room so the mess is not visible. Hopefully that contains the smell too. I'm sure the cats miss sitting on their cat tree in her room, so I might ask for her let me put it in my room. I did pay for it, so I don't think it should be a big deal asking to move it.

On to non-filth related news.... Last night, I had dinner with Jess and Cristin. :) It felt like all was right in the universe again. Everyone has been very busy so it's been tough picking a time that everyone is available. Jess had a coconut that Elliot cracked open for her before he moved. She used it to make fresh coconut milk, which she then used in a cauliflower and lentil curry. Both recipes are from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, but the curry originally called for potatoes instead of roasted cauliflower. Jess sauteed some zucchini for the side dish and I made naan bread (with the vegan substitutions recommended by vegandad here). I wish I could make the bread into the beautiful oval shapes you see at restaurants and stores, but the dough is sooo difficult to work with that I get long ovals and funky circles. Oh well, still tastes delicious. :)


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