Monday, February 7, 2011

326 Days to Go

The title is a reference to the number of days left in my lease. I'm hoping to graduate next May and I've started considering living alone while typing my dissertation. This was just an idea that I had been tossing around in my head, but the last couple weeks have made it clear that I should probably move. Two weeks ago, I asked my roomie to clean her room because it smelled extremely bad, literally stinking up the living room. I think she's become immune to the odor, but it smells like really, really dirty laundry.

This was what her room looked like on the day I told her that it smelled, that she needs to clean up her dishes instead of leaving them around or in the sink, and other such cleanliness comments. I was texting a friend who thought I was exaggerating the extent of the filth so I snapped this photo as proof that I was not exaggerating. The sad part is that this is what you can see from the living room, so her closet and bathroom area could look much worse.


She went in her room for about 20 minutes saying she would clean it up some. This weekend she commented about wanting to clean it. Clearly, she did not because it looks like this. Yes, it's much dirtier now and it still smells.


So, in 326 days, I think I'll be packing my things and moving into a single bedroom place where I can keep it as clean as I want.

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