Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lazy Tacos!

What a long weekend! I worked 22 hrs over the holiday weekend (Saturday through Monday), so I didn't get to enjoy ArtiGras. I did manage to get out of work at 4 PM on Monday to check out Coral Cove park in Tequesta.

Yesterday was one of those days where I just wanted to cook with what I had in the cabinets, since I am not going to cook this weekend (dinners with work people all weekend) and I'm going out of town next week. No use in buying a bunch of fresh ingredients if I won't use them all before they go bad.

I thought about making tacos using chickpeas, but alas I didn't have any chickpeas! I've seen the recipe on Happy Herbivore before and used it as an inspiration to use chickpeas in soft tacos. I turned to my reserve of Boca ground crumbles in the freezer and my taco dinner kit in the pantry. (Totally scored a buy one get one deal on the taco kits at Publix a while back!) My first thought was, "Man, I wonder how much salt I'm about to eat." I think about that when I turn to convenience foods, but it usually doesn't deter me since I eat reasonably well the rest of the time. I sauteed the crumbles with a tiny bit of olive oil, sprinkled on the taco seasoning, and spooned it into heated hard taco shells. I added some salsa and fresh lettuce. I served the tacos with fat-free refried beans (more salt!) and diced pears. When I typed this into My Plate, I chuckled at the high salt content. Surprisingly, it said the salsa was by far the saltiest thing in the meal. Not what I was expecting. I honestly wonder if there's an error in the salt content. Maybe it's just that particular brand? I didn't use salsa when I had the leftovers, because I ate all of the salsa in the kit in the first dinner.


Yesterday was also National Margarita Day! I used up the last of the limes from my birthday, purchased some triple sec, and mixed that with the Dos Lunas tequila that my mom bought me. When I typed my very strong margarita into My Plate, I went from slightly over my daily recommendations to waaaayyyyy past it. Epic win.


At least I worked out hardcore in the morning and a little more in the evening to burn nearly 800 calories....

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