Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcoming in the New Year

I've enjoyed the last couple days. I am still toiling away in lab, but I've enjoyed my bicycle rides to work. Balances out the annoying stress of failed experiments. I am excited to cook tempeh meatloaves with the guys and Cristin this weekend! It should be entertaining to say the least. Jeff is getting a sauce recipe from his mom, plus he'll be making beer beans and kale for the side dishes. Cristin is in charge of dessert.

Tonight's dinner included a curry known as rajmah from the famous Smitten Kitchen. I ended up not having enough kidney beans, so I added a yellow bell pepper to provide more chunks to chew on. Delicious curry. I've never used tomato sauce in a curry before, but it gave it a nice touch. Different texture than my usual tomato chunks or coconut milk curries.


I forgot to mention that I saw The Dead Kennedys in Melbourne recently. I went up to see Ryan and Marigny again. They move to DC in mid-February, so hopefully I can see them one last time before the big move. If not, the show provided a last chance to see them.

I also finished reading Dave Cullen's Columbine last night. It is a very thorough look at the Columbine tragedy. Definitely would recommend it to anyone with a morbid curiosity about the shooting. A lot of stories reported in the news after the tragedy were lies and the police department even had a cover up! I don't think Adie approved. I snapped this photo on my iPhone to text it to Cristin, since I borrowed the book from her.


Looks like Chic-fil-a is making its way onto my boycott list. Chic-fil-a is sponsoring a conference for a publicly anti-gay organization. Boo.

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