Saturday, January 29, 2011

National Vegan Pizza Day

As everyone else is at the Beer Fest, I am taking a day to myself. I was hoping to be in Melbourne today, but I never heard back from Ryan and Marigny. Since I'm on my new budget, I couldn't justify spending money on the ticket to Beer Fest, since I don't like beer, don't care much for hard cider, and don't want to drink wine in the afternoon sun. Plus, the only vegan food would have been the pretzel necklace, so I decided to save my money and not go. I decided to enjoy national vegan pizza day instead, staying in and watching some of my favorite movies, reading, and cleaning.

I made English muffins from Urban Vegan for the cookbook challenge. The taste was good and similar to what I remember from Thomas English muffins, but they didn't come out thick enough to slice in half like an English muffin. I wish I had some English muffin rounds to make forming them easier. I dolloped some dough on my hot griddle for the first batch and they came out like ovals. For the second and third rounds, I tried to use foil rings (as suggested here), but that didn't work out well. I decided to make English muffins instead of the many other dishes in Urban Vegan because I really wanted an excuse to make veggeroni (seitan pepperoni). I cut the recipe in half because I was low on vital wheat gluten. I topped the muffins with a roasted herb and garlic sauce, Daiya cheese, and veggeroni chunks. Nom nom nom.


Earlier in the week, we celebrated Elliot quitting his job and had a farewell dinner. Jess and Elliot brewed a Newcastle style beer, so they got to serve it at the farewell dinner. It got rave reviews. Jess made French bread and beer bread, again with recipes from Artisan Breads in Five Minutes a Day. For the main dish, I made quick seitan cutlets, which tasted just like chick'n burgers. Jess, Elliot, and Cristin made the apple and squash chutney to serve on top of chicken breasts (seitan cutlets for me). I know this photo isn't very good, but the chutney was amazing. It reminded me of what I would like Thanksgiving stuffing to taste like.


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