Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Entry

I am drained from the week, and the general lack of sleep I've been getting in 2011, so I'll keep this short. :)

Cristin hosted our dinner club the other night. She made stuffed flank steaks for everyone else's main dish. I just took a giant portion of the quinoa salad and brought some spinach to saute. Jess made the rolls topped with a sun-dried tomato using a recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Unfortunately, the recipe called for a glass dish to be heated, then to add water to the dish when you put the rolls in the oven. The moisture puts a nice crust on the bread. Well, even with 3 scientists and an engineer in the kitchen, we didn't realize this would likely cause the hot glass dish to shatter. It exploded, sending glass shards into the first batch of rolls! :(


Tonight, I came home from work and stared into the fridge. I have a meal plan drawn up for the month, but I couldn't bring myself to put forth the effort for the dish I initially planned for tonight. I picked one of the easier meals to use up some ingredients in the fridge before they went bad. I made mashed potatoes with soy creamer, Earth Balance, a little parsley, sauteed onion, sauteed garlic, nutritional yeast, and those crunchy fake bacon bits. I served this with a Gardein stuffed turkey breast that has been in the freezer since the holidays and some corn. I'm trying to avoid buying a ton of new stuff until I use up some of the stuff taking up space, such as this stuffed turkey breast set. It was good, but I didn't like the gravy.


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