Monday, January 24, 2011

Vegan Cheese Sticks?!

So my inner fat kid squealed with delight today when I logged onto blogger. I was browsing my reader and saw Vegan Heartland's review of Teese sticks!!! Teese is another cheese alternative made by Chicago Soy Dairy, the makers of Dandies. I've never bought it, but it's on my list of foods to try. Turns out that Vegan Essentials is now carrying Teese sticks here. I can't believe it! I've thought about vegan cheese sticks and found some recipes (vegoftheweek and vegan happy hour), but never bothered to put forth that much effort for junk food. Maybe now I won't have to! Nom nom nom.

Anyways, on to healthier food! I made Ina's crunchy noodle salad from Food Network. I used agave nectar instead of honey and added a box of cubed tofu to add protein to the dish. It was delicious! I love the texture of peanut butter and soy sauce mixed together. Plus, any excuse to use my Microplane grater is nice. :)


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