Monday, January 17, 2011

Food I Actually Cooked

Unlike the last post, which was full of items pre-made at Whole Foods, I am making this post full of things I've cooked in the last week. :)

After having the lasagna at the Secret Santa party, I decided to make some at home. I borrowed the Appetite for Reduction cookbook from Cristin and set out to make the lasagna. I took two short cuts compared to the original recipe: (1) oven ready lasagna noodles that do not need to be boiled before baking and (2) pre-made sauce because I have a zillion bottles from Publix’s “buy one get one” specials. I used a roasted garlic and herb sauce, as well as 2 cups of spinach (instead of 1.5 cups), a little garlic in the tofu, and no olives. It is supposed to make 6 servings where each serving has 300 calories, but I just split the lasagna in half (don’t judge). I had half for dinner the night I made it and the other half for lunch on Friday. I snapped this picture on Friday, so the photo does not do this lasagna justice. It has roasted cauliflower in it!


The other dish I have prepared recently is spiced banana pancakes from Vegan Planet. I had three little bananas turning brown. I did not want to make banana bread, so I was browsing the web for ideas when I saw these pancakes mentioned on Vegan Cookbook Tester. I decided to give it a go, even though I’m more of a waffle girl. I served the pancakes with tempeh bacon from VwaV and the leftover roasted red potatoes. I let the tempeh marinate for a couple hours, but I didn’t really like this recipe. Maybe I would like it if I used the same marinade recipe for tofu (a suggestion in the book).


I also found this photo of tortilla cups on my camera and realized that I never uploaded it to the blog, even though I mentioned the recipe here. Again, I’d leave out the slimy green chiles and opt for a freshly diced jalapeno. I also don’t think I’d want the salsa in the cup again either because it did drip all over when I bit into the cups. The chips on the side are just tortillas that I cut into quarters and crisped in the oven, like this recipe.


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