Friday, June 20, 2014

Sushi King - Upper Kirby, Houston, TX

Um, how did I not know that Sushi King has LOTS of vegan sushi options? They have a vegetarian menu separate from their main menu, as well as a gluten-free menu. Kendra and I went there for dinner one day. It was her birthday, so we celebrated with lots of sushi. I can't wait to go back! I wanted to order one of everything! I ordered the agedashi tofu, seaweed salad, veggie roll, avocado roll, an individual mushroom roll, fried tofu skin stuffed with rice, and an Asian yam piece. NOM.
 photo 602bc855-318f-4d4a-8a2f-13d14d9d14f2_zps26e38bce.jpg  photo 54dc6d64-e90a-4c44-9748-ebb43d8a5c66_zps8bd0f8dc.jpg  photo f1b81a45-cba8-4c0f-b3b9-d17dc02723e1_zps00baecf7.jpg  photo ce7da8ab-62aa-40e1-9673-36a572c6e154_zpsb8c31b18.jpg  photo c9389ac9-1275-4495-a62f-ab6f91c94d16_zps1b2f5967.jpg

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