Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fadi's - Houston, TX

It is no secret that I love falafel. The dude and I went to Fadi's one night. It's on the list of Dude Approved Restaurants. He doesn't want to eat at places that are not busy, because he has seen one too many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares and other such shows. He has compiled a list of vegan-friendly and busy places where we can both enjoy our meals. I ordered muhammara (walnut and red pepper dip), a chickpea salad with pomegranate sauce, roasted potatoes, and falafel (cooked when ordered).
 photo 8f66342a-3af7-45d2-a380-5d22f1ecc2cb_zpsf4605d6c.jpg  photo e1eb3a20-feca-4e86-93b7-ee492883efc1_zps86b6c178.jpg

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