Monday, June 16, 2014

Mellow Mushroom

Whenever I am home, I go to Mellow Mushroom. The Houston location is 45 minutes away from my house, but the Brandon location is only 20 minutes from my mom's house. Of course I ordered the veganized Thai Dye pizza (no butter or Parmesan on the crust, curry tofu instead of chicken, Daiya vegan cheese instead of cow cheese). I also saw on the menu that the gluten-free crust is now also vegan, so that's great news for folks who want/need that! In the two weeks I was home, we went to Mellow twice. #addicted
 photo ce16f8fc-2337-4863-9ef4-d1361bb9eebe_zps61b41661.jpg  photo 3b7f525f-0715-4712-adf8-a6195d787d95_zps1c7687cf.jpg

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