Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ruggles Green - Upper Kirby, Houston, TX

After taking a friend to Costco, he bought us dinner at Ruggles Green to repay me for covering part of his bill at the store. I really wanted the veggie burger, but he recommended the local vegan plate (quinoa, grilled veggies, mushrooms, balsamic reduction, fried kale). Since it was super late and he owed me a decent amount of money, he said I could order both. SO I DID. The local vegan plate is pretty incredible, but the burger really hit the spot after a looong day at work.
 photo 765405c3-e2cd-4515-b87a-2f55de2e1fb8_zps90bbd9bc.jpg  photo 7d95a0ee-4faf-433e-a343-ca817804c77a_zps02d2a81c.jpg

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