Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trio of Boozy Cupcakes

One of the girls on my kickball team had a birthday this week. I made cupcakes to celebrate her birthday with our team. I made 3 recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World - chocolate stout, margarita, and rum raisin. I got advice on a chocolate stout to use in the recipe from another customer in the Whole Foods beer section. I used the espresso stout by Stone Imperial Russian Stout, but ended up throwing the rest away. It was way too strong for me! These cupcakes were quite a hit. I only came home with 3! I used large white sprinkles to look like salt on the edges of the margarita cupcakes after frosting them. The rum raisin cupcakes have a rum glaze and a rum buttercream. The chocolate stout cupcakes have chocolate crumbs on top already, so I dusted a little powdered sugar on top.
 photo b09a4fb2-f0ea-45f8-9eda-750472f0d238_zpsd44e9f59.jpg

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