Monday, June 3, 2013

Chickpea & Gluten Meatloaf

I had some coconut creamer lurking in the fridge from the chocolate raspberry pie. I decided it would be great to make mashed potatoes with it. However, I had no idea what to serve with the potatoes. I came across this recipe for a chickpea and gluten meatloaf. Seemed like a great way to use the onion half and celery also lurking in the fridge. I decided to bake it in a bread pan, instead of making multiple mini loaves. I think it needed slightly less liquid or a longer baking time. The edges were browning though, so I think a little less liquid would be the better choice. Overall, the taste was decent, but I would have bumped up the seasonings. Just like the tofu ricotta, the recipe was good but needs a little extra oomph.
 photo 756fe783-1b79-4789-8b80-d4c313a31527_zps37093142.jpg

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