Sunday, June 23, 2013

PB-Sriracha Tofu

I found this recipe through Pinterest and it seemed like a good meal to make on my vacation. I did not get a chance to do that, so I made it this week instead. I served it with a sample pack of brown rice that I got at Austin VegFest and some frozen broccoli. It was pretty easy to put together. The cooking time of the rice allowed me to brown the cut edges of the tofu. I thought this was a great meal after a long day at work. I just missed the 5 o'clock shuttle home, so I had to wait a while for the next bus. I gave my tofu a quick press while I set up the rice cooker and made the sauce ingredients. The directions are accurate in saying that you should only simmer the sauce for a few minutes with the tofu, because it really does thicken up quickly.
 photo fbeae6bb-8f68-40fa-972f-6cde36637fff_zps0dcbed07.jpg

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