Thursday, June 27, 2013


I hosted brunch at my house last Sunday. My friend that served as our group's social organizer moved recently, so I decided to take a leap into hosting at my house. I hosted the vegan cheese party, but that's really been the only big event hosted at my place. I had a kickball friend comment on the donut photo I posted recently on my fb. That inspired me to host donut brunch. I made the donuts and tofu frittata. I served the frittata with avocado slices. I've made the tofu frittata from Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites before, but this time I omitted the french fried onions on top, used Daiya mozzarella instead of havarti, and used Upton's chorizo-style seitan. I had a coupon from Austin VegFest for the seitan. My friends brought roasted potatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh strawberries and blueberries (picked nearby), green smoothies (kale, arugula, green apple, and cucumber). One of my friends RSVP-ed but all the food had been claimed, so she sneakily left $5 on my kitchen counter. How sweet, right? I don't have a picture of the full spread, because I was standing over the hot oil while people were chatting. By the time I brought a plate of donuts into the dining area, I wanted to sit down and eat, instead of thinking about a photo. I had a photo of the leftovers - a few slices of frittata and some donuts I fried after everyone left.
 photo ff7bdbf2-d4fd-42bd-9979-f18cc1db8279_zps273527c1.jpg

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