Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week of SunFest

It's that time of year again - Sunfest! This 5 day concert series takes place in West Palm Beach by the waterfront. I received a pair of VIP tickets for Thursday night from a friend at work. I found a friend to go with and we enjoyed our free drinks and good seats to watch Jason Mraz. While we were eating dinner, we sat near the water. The Quantum of Solace yacht was parked near us, so we were admiring its beauty and commenting about how we will probably never make enough to live that type of lifestyle. (The Quantum of Solace is a yacht valued at ~$20-25 million.)

(Photo from Boat International)

I also went to SunFest last night with my friend Sarah. The band she wanted to see was MGMT. I had never heard of them, but figured it would be fun to get out and party on the barges. I now know why I had never heard of MGMT - definitely not my type of music. The crowd was full of hipsters and potheads. Sarah and I ran into several people that we know, so it was quite a random evening. The highlight was getting hit on by a 21-year-old guy on Clematis Street. I almost burst into laughter when he proudly proclaimed his age, because that is just too young for me.

In other news, I've done some cooking this week, although I haven't had time to post the photos. For the seitan, I used this recipe. I should note that the seitan has the best texture when the peanut butter and soy sauce are combined first, then mixed with the rest of the wet ingredients.

Polenta and Seitan Casserole from The Kind Diet

Veggie "Meatloaf" from Vegan Comfort Food

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